SIS & Functional Safety

SIS & Functional Safety

SIS & Functional Safety

SIS & Functional Safety – We understand the pace of technology change continues to accelerate with regards to functional safety certification and proof of competence. In fact, the IEC 61508 and IEC61511 set of standards are increasingly being sought by the UK regulatory body and by end-users as a means of minimising risk to people and property. The standards and supporting ACOPs provide guidance on demonstrating best practice in the field of functional safety within the process industry.

Manufacturing and operating companies within the process industry sector are legally obliged to ensure safety in the workplace and safety instrumented systems must be able to demonstrate they are adequate to provide a safety level that has been declared in any safety case.

Conformity to IEC 65108 or IEC 61511 is a proven way to demonstrate the protection measures for safety instrumented systems are able to provide the declared reduction in risk. IEC 61508 is the generic standard for Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems and IEC 61511 is the standard for safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector.

SIS Consultancy

C&P Engineering Services offer a full ‘cradle to grave’ lifecycle service to ensure you meet all of your Functional Safety & SIS (Safety Instrumented System) regulatory responsibilities and can assist you in developing a path towards compliance.

Our TUV certified functional safety SIS engineers are available to assist you at any stage of the safety instrumented systems lifecycle, from the initial conceptual design phase, leading or supporting your HAZOP / LOPA analysis; right through to the replacement of legacy logic solvers and field instrumentation at the end of mission life.

We take an innovative approach when helping you realise the SIS deliverables of a project and if required we can introduce the latest in diagnostic and on-line testing capabilities in areas such as the following:

  • Automated Partial Stroke Testing (for final elements)
  • Wireless Diagnostic Facilities (predicting instrument failure)
  • Impaired Functionality (before results in a downing event)
  • Voting Systems (improved reliability)

SIS & Functional Safety

Cost Reduction & Competitive Advantage

We can assist in bringing a competitive advantage to your organisation by reducing cost-of-ownership of your Safety Instrumented Systems without compromising the Safety Integrity of the entire system.

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