Replacement of Legacy Safety Systems

Replacement of Legacy Safety Systems

Non Compliant “Legacy” Safety Systems

Replacement of Legacy Safety Systems – The functional safety standard IEC 61508 is by no means a “new” standard, having been first published between 1998 and 2000, albeit initially without the supporting standard IEC61511 detailing how to implement Functional Safety within the Process Industries. Despite 2 decades passing since its first publication, there are still a large number of what the Regulator consider to be non-compliant “Legacy Safety Systems” still in operation today. These systems were typically installed before the standards become mandatory.

Many organisations have been allowed to continue to use their Legacy Safety systems, as in many cases those systems meet or exceed the requirements of IEC61508 and IEC61511. However, as these systems approach the end of their service life, the Regulator is increasingly insisting they be upgraded and made fully compliant to the now well established International functional safety standards.

We can provide SIS Engineering experts to review your existing Hazard and Risk Assessment, deliver a formal Safety Requirements Specification document and SIL requirements and if so desired, follow with the design, build and installation of a fully compliant SIS system with all the supporting documentation to satisfy your organisation’s legal responsibilities of meeting the requirements of IEC61508 and IEC61511.

Replacement of Legacy Safety Systems

Most organisations consider such upgrades as having little or zero Return on Investment, however at C&P Engineering Services, we have been involved in many such “Legacy” upgrade projects and are able to help you meet your legislative obligations.

We can also implement a Functional Safety System that leverages the advantages of modern instrumentation and reliability systems such as on-line diagnostics, automated on-line partial stroke testing and wireless mesh networks to reduce some of the burden of manual testing and recording of data, enabling your organisation with a competitive advantage by avoiding unnecessary process outages and giving your in-house maintenance teams additional time to focus on other improvement opportunities that would otherwise be spent on routine (and sometimes unnecessary) trip checking and calibrating activities.

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